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Videoproductie voor het multimedia project “Neutrino” van Dopplereffekt (Drexciya) op het AND (Abandon Normal Devices – UK) festival, 30 September 2011. In samenwerking met “AND festival”, “Max Planck institute for Astrophysics”, Dopplereffekt, Zazralt Magic, Albert van Abbe en Katarina Markovic.

“Dopplereffekt is one of the strangest and most mysterious units on the electronic music scene today. Only a handful of interviews with the group exist, and live appearances are likewise a rare occurrence. One thing we do know about the group is its apparent love of experimental physics, with song titles such as Calabi-Yau Manifold, Linear Accelerator and Myon-Neutrino appearing on recent records. Continuing this interest in the farther reaches of science, Neutrino is a new project, that used astrophysics lectures as the basis for an involving audio visual performance.”